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Record # Photo Scott # Description Catalog Value Mint Single Price Used Single Price
008625  Photo RW1 XF/S OG NH FABULOUS Bottom Plate Block of 6. AN EXTREMELY RARE early Federal Duck Stamp plate block, in pristine, POST OFFICE FRESH condition. Only a couple of insubstantial natural gum skips on the right pair. A SELDOM OFFERED plate block, worthy of the finest collection  $16,500.00   $17,500.00   
010810  Photo RW1 F/VF Unsigned. Crease, small stain  $140.00    $29.95  
001977  Photo RW2 SUPERB OG NH Top Margin Plate Number Single. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING centering on this stamp. An extremely light, and in our opinion, extremely trivial, natural gum bend. With 2006 PSE Certificate that states "?with a small natural gum wrinkle." We disagree with this opinion, as we do not see a wrinkle in the gum. We feel this is an extremely harsh opinion on an absolute GEM of a stamp. They just don't get much better than this one. VERY SCARCE in this premium condition.  $750.00   $1,700.00   
006443  Photo RW2 F/VF OG NH Top margin Plate Number single. PO Fresh  $750.00   $525.00   
007283  Photo RW2 XF OG NH Post Office Fresh GEM! Bottom Plate Number single. Full original gum, with no gum skips, bends, or creases. AN OUTSTANDING STAMP and RARE IN THIS CONDITION!  $750.00   $895.00   
007285  Photo RW2 FVF OG XLH  $350.00   $250.00   
007286  Photo RW2 VF Nice neat signature. No faults.  $160.00    $129.00  
008626  Photo RW2 XF/S OG NH Bottom Plate Block of 6. EXTRAORDINARY condition on this VERY RARE early Federal Duck Stamp plate block. POST OFFICE FRESH. NO gum skips, and only the barest traces of a few extremely minor natural gum bends. NO gum creases, which is unusual on this issue.  $11,500.00   $12,500.00   
010811  Photo RW2 VF/XF Signed. Small Thin  $160.00    $37.50  
010812  Photo RW2 F/VF Signed. Sound  $160.00    $89.95  
001883  Photo RW3 F/VF OG H Small Thin, Pencil Mark on Back  $175.00   $59.00   
001989  Photo RW3 XF OG NH PO Fresh with one light natural gum crease. Accompanied by 2006 PSE Certificate that states "It is genuine unused, o.g., never hinged." The cert does not even mention the gum crease.  $350.00   $375.00   
002887  Photo RW3 VF/XF OG NH Top Right Corner Margin Copy  $350.00   $175.00   
005945  Photo RW3 F/VF OG NH PO Fresh BEAUTY. No gum skips, bends, or creases  $350.00   $295.00   
007289  Photo RW3 XF OG XXLH Top Plate Number single. Full OG with only a bare trace of an extremely light hinge mark.  $175.00   $185.00   
008594  Photo RW3 XF OG NH Top Plate # single. A REAL GEM! Signature on selvage tab  $350.00   $295.00   
008627  Photo RW3 XF/S OG NH HUGE FULL TOP Plate Block of 6. A VERY SCARCE early Federal Duck Stamp plate block. POST OFFICE FRESH, with no gum skips or creases, and only one very minor natural gum bend. OUTSTANDING!!  $4,000.00   $4,000.00   
010813  Photo RW3 VF/XF Signed. Sound  $100.00    $92.50  
010814  Photo RW3 F/VF OG LH  $175.00   $87.50   
013856  Photo RW3 VF/XF signed  $100.00    $92.50  
001884  Photo RW4 F/VF OG LH  $160.00   $89.50   
008628  Photo RW4 XF OG NH Bottom Plate Block of 6. A SELDOM OFFERED early Federal Duck Stamp plate block. Pristine, Post Office Fresh, and never hinged, with only a couple of the typical light natural gum bends.  $3,250.00   $3,250.00   
010815  Photo RW4 VF Signed. Black Signature obscures perf at lower left, but the perf is intact  $60.00    $47.50  
010816  Photo RW4 F/VF OG LH. Light natural gum crease  $160.00   $87.50   
012581  Photo RW4 XF/S OG NH Bottom Plate Number Single. OUTSTANDING! PO Fresh  $300.00   $250.00   
001885  Photo RW5 F/VF OG XLH  $225.00   $97.50   
002890  Photo RW5 F Signed. Full perfs (Obscured by Signature at Bottom Right)  $60.00    $19.95  
002891  Photo RW5 F Signed. Some paper adhesion on back  $60.00    $21.50  
002892  Photo RW5 F/VF OG XLH  $225.00   $95.00   
007292  Photo RW5 XF OG XLH Extremely fresh, with full original gum, and only extremely lightly hinged. No gum skips, bends, or creases. VERY NICE!  $225.00   $190.00   
008629  Photo RW5 XF/S OG NH TERRIFIC Bottom Plate Block of 6. A VERY SCARCE early Federal Duck Stamp plate block, seldom offered in any condition. Pristine, full original gum, and never hinged. Only a few very insignificant natural gum bends, which is the norm for these early ducks.  $4,500.00   $4,500.00   
001836  Photo RW6 XF OG NH PO Fresh. Full top margin plate number single. Light natural gum bends, as usual.  $225.00   $210.00   
001886  Photo RW6 F OG LH  $125.00   $57.95   
002893  Photo RW6 F No Gum. Vertical Crease  $50.00   $9.95   
008630  Photo RW6 F/VF OG NH Huge Full Top Plate Block of 6. PO Fresh. Natural vertical gum skip line on left pair, and small part of hinge remnant at upper right corner selvage tab, which apparently reinforced perfs from a larger block at one time. Stamps are all never hinged. A SELDOM OFFERED early Federal Duck Stamp plate block.  $2,900.00   $2,500.00   
012583  Photo RW6 VF/XF OG NH Natural gum crease  $225.00   $195.00   
001838  Photo RW7 VF/XF OG NH Full Top margin plate number single. No gum skips, bends, or creases  $225.00   $210.00   
001887  Photo RW7 F/VF No Gum  $60.00   $34.95   
002895  Photo RW7 F/VF Signed  $45.00    $22.50  
002897  Photo RW7 XF OG NH. No Gum Skips, Bends, or Creases. A NICE Stamp!!  $225.00   $225.00   
005947  Photo RW7 XF/S OG NH PO Fresh. Couple of the typical light natural gem bends. PSE Stamp Market Quarterly values this in XF 90 at $380  $225.00   $250.00   
008631  Photo RW7 SUPERB OG XLH Bottom Plate Block of 6. Full original gum, only extremely lightly hinged at the top of the block between the top two left stamps, other 4 stamps never hinged. All 4 stamps are essentially SUPERBLY centered GEMS.  $2,900.00   $2,500.00   
008817  Photo RW7 XF OG NH. PO Fresh, with 1 light natural gum bend  $225.00   $210.00   
010817  Photo RW7 VF Signed. Sound  $45.00    $34.95  
011663  Photo RW7 VF signed. Small faults  $45.00    $7.50  
012580  Photo RW7 VF OG NH PO Fresh  $225.00   $210.00   
012582  Photo RW7 F/VF OG NH Light natural gum creases  $225.00   $165.00   
013857  Photo RW7 VF/XF OG LH  $95.00   $75.00   
013858  Photo RW7 F/VF OG NH, with detached bottom plate number tab  $225.00   $150.00   
002898  Photo RW8 XF/S Signed. Vertical Crease, Pencil # on Back  $45.00    $12.50  
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