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Record # Photo Scott # Description Catalog Value Price
1898  Photo 20 VF OG XLH Very well centered for this usually very tight-margined issue. Full original gum, only extremely lightly hinged. Accompanied ty a 1976 PF Certificate $1,200.00 $1,095.00 
2559  Photo 26 VF OG NH Horizontal Pair w/Bottom Selvage - Very Nice!! $410.00  $175.00  
6094  Photo 26 A very well centered and post office fresh block of 4 of this 1857 issue. Full original gum, with the top two stamps being very lightly hinged, and the bottom stamps are NEVER HINGED!! Scott does not list these in never hinged condition, so we have estimated the value. $560.00  $250.00  
6799  Photo 26 VF+ OG NEVER HINGED horizontal pair of this classic issue. Full original gum, never hinged, with small natural gum inclusion on right stamp which does not detract at all from the beauty of this pair. POST OFFICE FRESH. $410.00  $135.00  
1986  Photo 36 F/VF+ OG XLH Horizontal pair. Full original gum, only extremely lightly hinged. Small repair in upper right corner, with the left stamp completely sound. Accompanied by 2006 PSE Certificate that states "It is a genuine unused, o.g., previously hinged, pair, with a small repair in the upper right corner and REPERFORATED at the top of the right stamp only." The small repair appears to be only to the 2 or 3 perforations at the right of the top margin, and the reperforation is only in this repaired area. A SCARCE unused multiple in VERY NICE condition. $4,250.00 $1,950.00 
6276  Photo 40 F/VF+ Unused NGAI with 1985 PF Cert. RARE -- ONLY 3,846 of these were issued $625.00  $575.00  
13580  Photo 65 F/VF OG H. Light corner crease $125.00  $49.00  
1949  Photo 73 VF/XF No Gum. Possible Reperf. Very clean $140.00 $89.95 
13581  Photo 73 XF unused, no gum. Some slightly shorter perfs, but great appearance. $140.00  $125.00  
1954  Photo 87 F Part OG, somewhat toned at right. Catalog value is listed as NG $650.00 $225.00 
1985  Photo 113 F/VF OG Horizontal Strip of 3. Accompanied by 2006 PSE Certificate that states "It is genuine unused, o.g., hinged, strip of 3 with offset on gum and right stamp separated and reattached." Catalog price is for a pair plus a single. A NICE CLASSIC PIECE. $2,350.00 $1,750.00 
1968  Photo 114 AVE No Gum $225.00 $32.95 
6818  Photo 158 XF/S OG LH An almost superbly centered example of this 1873 Banknote issue. Extremely well centered and very fresh, with full original gum and only lightly hinged. A GEM! $140.00  $225.00  
6819  Photo 158 VF OG NH Post Office Fresh, with full unblemished original gum. Rare in this condition. Scott does not list a price for NH, but we estimate that retail value is around $500 for this. VERY NICE! $130.00  $325.00  
7966  Photo 158 VF/XF+ OG NH Very well centered. Full original gum, never hinged, with no gum skips, bends, or creases. 2005 Scott Valuing Supplement prices this at $275 in hinged condition $275.00  $350.00  
11640  Photo 158 F/VF OG NH vertical pair. PO Fresh. Catalog price listed is for hinged, as Scott does not price this in NH condition $220.00  $195.00  
13591  Photo 183 VF OG NH. PO Fresh $370.00  $325.00  
6772  Photo 184 VF/XF OG NEVER HINGED horizontal pair of this large Banknote issue. Full original gum, never hinged, and POST OFFICE FRESH! Accompanied by a 2000 APEX certificate which states "Unused pair, full original gum, genuine in all respects" $840.00  $575.00  
8174  Photo 184 F/VF+ OG NH PO Fresh. No gum skips, bends, or creases. Scott does not list a price for NH. Estimate retail value is $300 $120.00  $165.00  
6775  Photo 190 VF OG XXLH horizontal pair of this difficult issue. Full original gum, extremely lightly hinged. Minor natural gum skips on the left stamp. A couple of rejoined perfs. Accompanied by 2001 APEX certificate which states "Unused pair (a few perfs rejoined), original gum, previously hinged, genuine. Also is accompanied by 1980 Scott Publishing Company certificate. $2,300.00  $1,500.00  
9232  Photo 190SK VF OG LH "Sample" overprint $75.00  $59.95  
9233  Photo 190SK VF OG Thin "Sample" overprint $75.00  $29.95  
9234  Photo 190SK VF/XF OG HR "Sample" overprint $75.00  $67.50  
9235  Photo 190SK XF/S OG LH "Sample" overprint OUTSTANDING centering $75.00  $89.95  
13592  Photo 205 F/VF OG XLH $240.00  $165.00  
13593  Photo 205 VF OG H. Large margins $240.00  $185.00  
9239  Photo 205SD XF/S OG NH "Specimen" overprint. Small glazed gum spot $80.00  $120.00  
2681  Photo 206 XF OG NH. PO Fresh, with very light bend at LL corner $300.00  $189.00  
2682  Photo 206 VF+ OG NH. PO Fresh. Extremely faint hint of a natural gum bend. OUTSTANDING!! $300.00  $225.00  
6821  Photo 206 VF OG NH Top Imprint Pair. An extremely fresh pair with full original gum, and NEVER HINGED. Two very tiny natural gum skips on right stamp. Catalog value is for two never hinged singles, with no premium for the margin imprint. $600.00  $325.00  
8105  Photo 206 F/VF+ OG NH Block of 4. PO Fresh $1,200.00  $425.00  
12137  Photo 206 F/VF OG NH. PO Fresh $300.00  $175.00  
9237  Photo 207SD F/VF OG HR "Specimen" overprint $80.00  $49.95  
9229  Photo 208Sk XF/S NG "Sample" overprint $75.00  $65.00  
6825  Photo 209 F/VF OG NH Post Office Fresh, with full original gum and NEVER HINGED. A few tiny natural gum skips, but a terrific stamp with deep color. Tough to find in NH condition $600.00  $350.00  
9240  Photo 209SK F/VF OG LH "Sample" overprint. Probably never hinged, but has a couple of areas of missing gum, so we will call hinged. Large margins $75.00  $65.00  
9241  Photo 209SK F/VF OG NH "Sample" overprint. A number of tiny natural gum skips at bottom. Large margins $75.00  $65.00  
9242  Photo 209SK F/VF OG XLH/NH "Sample" overprint pair. Left stamp XLH, right stamp PO Fresh and NH. Scarce in NH $150.00  $157.50  
9243  Photo 209SK F/VF OG NH "Sample" overprint pair. PO Fresh. Scarce in NH  $150.00  $175.00  
6278  Photo 210 VF OG NH with 2004 PSE Cert $150.00  $150.00  
9230  Photo 210SD VF OG "Specimen" overprint $100.00  $87.50  
12778  Photo 211 VF disturbed OG $250.00  $149.00  
13607  Photo 211 F/VF OG NH. PO Fresh $800.00  $595.00  
9231  Photo 211SL F/VF OG HR "Sample A" overprint $75.00  $59.95  
13602  Photo 212 VF OG NH. PO Fresh. Light natural gum bend at bottom and a few tiny natural gum skips. $290.00  $225.00  
13915  Photo 212 XF/S OG LH Huge Jumbo Margins. Accompanied by 2016 PSE Cert $90.00  $175.00  
2000  Photo 213 F/VF+ OG NH Bottom margin Pair. Post office fresh, full original gum, and never hinged. No gum skips, bends, or creases $280.00 $195.00 
3084  Photo 213 F/VF OG NH. PO Fresh $140.00  $109.00  
3484  Photo 213 F/VF+ OG NH PO Fresh $140.00  $75.00  
5374  Photo 213 F/VF OG NH Strip of 3. PO Fresh $420.00  $299.00  
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